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Welcome to the Home page of my personal website, from here you will be able to explore all sorts of things I am interested in, from technology and research projects to my body of work along with restaurants, XSI tutorials and what not.

To check my full portfolio please visit my Vimeo channel at Vimeo Channel


Mundos Digitales 2014

It is rare to find a VFX festival where you can meet the speakers in a very informal way, chat, go for drinks or even lunch… My favourite visual effects festival is back again this year stronger than ever with an amazing line up of conferences which I am sure you will love. Make sure you book as soon as possible. This year have been doubly honoured, not only invited to speak but I have been awarded the special prize!!! Still over the moon to be recognised in such a way as Scott Ross or the great Alvy Ray Smith… […]

Houdini Logo

Softimage to Houdini Transition Guides

After Autodesk decision to abandon Softimage I took upon myself to use my little spare time to help the community to transition to what I believe is the best tool for any FXTD and CG artist. Given its steep learning curve I though it would be great to try to compare Softimage to Houdini from an artistic point of view and skill all the very technical details for those who are interested. The first incarnation was hosted in my Dropbox account but soon I was reaching the 200Gb download limit so it has been great to see Side Effects stepping […]

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Farewell Softimage

For the past eleven years I have been lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place and with the help of very talented people we managed to produce some truly amazing work, I feel fortunate enough to have built my career in a time in which the craft was more valuable than ever, but even more important has been the role of certain tools that enabled us to produce that work. My journey has been long, starting with 3DStudio v1 to SoftimageCE, then PowerAnimator and back to Softimage3D to finally find my ideal tool in the […]