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By far the most complex animation job we have done and would ever do, changing from rig to rig as the character morphs from one object to another and legs come head, head comes arms body splits all in a very controlled way fitting the music to the frame.

A brilliant idea which proved us how complex animation can be with morphing rigs, a true demanding challenge to portray this morphing creature changing all through London.

Funny enough the process of discovery was easy because the director himself was a 3D artist who really wanted to take the concept forward his way.

The pieces were hand animated constrains to the huge rig that had all the limbs ready to go although some artists discovered that by improvising the rig the results were far better giving them full control at the expense of hand constraining it all every single time.

Of course when a changed happened we had to delete from that point onwards and lost tons of time doing it again but that was the nature of the beast.

The very big time assembled for this job had to also reconstruct big chunks of the city to sell the integration of this creature and the environment like the whole mechanical staircase and tunnel areas.

Director: Alex Rutherford
Agency: TBWA
Production: RSA Films

Task: Animator

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