Sony : Balls

A high profile job playing a very honest approach to its visuals, all in camera with a lot of preproduction to simulate how these ball will behave on real live. The question everybody is asking me is…. is that for real?

The experience of a lifetime closing many blocks of San Francisco to thrown 250.000 rubber balls down the streets.

The logistics were tremendous and I was involved in the pre-shoot planning, calculating speed of balls, volume of balls, how many containers to buy, how to pack them efficiently and simulating the balls at full blast with various speed rates on the camera. from 25 frames per second to 2500 frames per second.

During the test days in Los Angeles, a much flatter area, we did validate the tests and check the lighting conditions and how tha balls would glow, to our surprise they did look unbelievably beautiful.

We did check two types of balls as we had incredibly difficult time finding so many bouncy balls in California… in fact I believe Californian kids didn’t found any bouncy balls for a few weeks after the project as all shops were depleted.

Furthermore, the second set of balls was solid, no translucency, so look beautiful but not as much and we realised on our test day that mixing them was a very bad idea so an all nighter to separate these two sets of balls was required from the runnders.

the answer is yes, all those balls are for real, indeed a real event and a classical cinematographic approach instead of effects for the sake of effects.

Directo: Nicolai Fuglslig
Agency: Fallon
Production: MJZ

Task: Pre-production simulation/planning and VFX Supervisor

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