Koi is one of those fantastic restaurants with great service, great vibe and fabulous food priced accordingly of course.

Nevertheless is the kind of place to show your good taste and appreciation for good food, you just can’t go wrong in this place and if you are either on a business do or a love story make sure this is one of the places you visit when in L.A. and yes, you have to book in advance or you won’t have a table.

For those who like to be with famous people, this is one of those restaurants so try to go when there is american football on tv so you don’t bump onto them.

The whole environment is really pleasant and cool, I wish my back garden was like this…

Clearly i will have to visit the one in N.Y. given they do these great food.

And if there is any doubt in the US you can eat properly this is proof they have some of the best chefs around the globe.

730 N. La Cienaga Blvd
Los Angeles,
CA 90069
310-659 9449

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