I was surprised when a friend of mine took me to this little shady restaurant claiming i will love it. Clearly he knows me because it was fantastic.

Not only the food is exceptionally good and the way is prepared too but the price is just incredibly good. The service is the oriental tradition so don’t expect any niceties like the ones you will find in other “better” restaurants.

If you are taking your partner out, make sure he/she dresses for a top restaurant because this is one of them even if does not look like.

There is no reservation so be patient, the waiting line can be easily 45 minutes but it is worth it.

And don’t forget there is a little parking lot behind so you may put your car in a safe place, the entrance is not glamorous but your partner will sure get impression you are an insider. ;-)

4545 South Centinela Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066-6249
(310) 822-7790

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