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If you are planning to buy a domain name and setup your own website here you have a basic concepts and rules of thumb on how to do it in a flexible way.

First of all, hosting is in itself a very weird world of sellers and resellers, trust no website charts, just make sure you decouple the two very different elements so you are not later down the line hold hostage.

First, register your domain name via serious registar like or, try not to get the bundle the hosting company will try to shove down your neck. If you buy your domains via for example you can manage them hundreds of times better than via the average Joe Doe hosting company.

Second, find a hosting package that suits you, cheap and with the ability to grow. Good indicators of a good hosting is support for PHP5, mySQL5, infinite subdomains, infinite email accounts, no transfer and storage limits although this depends and make sure the support is first class. The best test to make sure is to get in touch with them via livechat which all of them provide and ask them about that.

Third, make your privacy paramount and make sure they don’t peek into your passwords for authentification, make sure they do it via other channels.

Fourth, make sure they use cPanel and provide parked and addon domains so you can in the future host as many websites as you want with just one account.

Fifth, make sure your Whois information is not showing all your data so activate the privacy mode always. This you will have to talk to the registar rather than the hosting.

Sixth, if you are planning to host multiple valuable websites make sure your primary domain is not an important one so you can move any of them without disturbing the others.

Seventh, if you are planning to sell stuff (a lot of it) consider very well where the hosting is based, and even the possibility of hosting the selling section onto a different provider on a friendly (fiscally) place like Panama.

Make sure they are not too aggressive with the settings by asking how many users would they support confortably on a small website build with Drupal (a content management system)

Therefore, once you have bought your Domain name (your internet address basically) remember to activate the privacy mode in the whois information, get your hosting from someone like and once you have a names erver (they will give you this) then you go to your registar and change the name servers to point to your hosting.

Why this? well, moving from one place to another will not mean to change the domain management, will mean you are free, will mean that you can move your site from place to place if the economic conditions are better and given taxes in certain countries are totally outrageous no wonder you may want your ecommerce solution hosted on a fiscal paradise like Panama which happens to have 1st class 1st Tear connection to the internet as the main cables go through that country.

My solution is not the best probably but suits me very well, for registration and for my hosting which has 1st class support.

If need more info i would suggest you to have a look at;

Hope this clarifies some things of this crazy thing that is internet.


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