This is an interpretation of a Thai restaurant for the European taste, very nice and casual, beautiful design and correct food served really fast. Quite a bit of noise and long queues but worth it for the price in central Soho, so if you are wondering arround this is a nice place to go.

Kind of flashy so you can take your partner there and will be alright. The price goes arround £20 per person without funky things and the plates tend to be pretty big so you may want to order little by little rather than ask for a ton of food that you won’t end up eating… just peek to your sides to see what other’s are eating as in many cases will be the only way you recognise what you are ordering.

These are some starters with prawns and a bitterish sauce that will sure bring a smile to your face.

106-110 Wardour Street, W1F 0TR
020 7255 8686

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