WordPress vs. Drupal

Seems fair now that I have been playing around with both CMS (Content Management Systems) that I should write something about my experience and how I see this “battle” of two titans.

First of all let me explain what the whole thing is about CMS. Since the Web appeared and specially the very annoying, very restrictive, very hardwired HTML there has been an immediate search for a better way to have dynamic content, searchable content, layout agnostic, etc… and for this a number of technologies have been invented although it is all so crapily designed that on the way half of them if no more have already died.

So far the actual situation is a higher lever way of managing content by using Conten Management Systems, this is basically tools that let you publish and maintain content in a very easy way, setting up complex editorial procedures, image cataloging, social tools like forums and what not, all running on either commercial or free software.

The benefits are immense but you have to decide which one suits you best, I have tried Joomla but couldn’t make my head around first time so clearly was not for me, too messy and the architecture seemed very patchy. Then I turned my head to Drupal which surprise surprise is extremely powerful yet quite tough to get into, and finally started playing with WordPress which is extremely easy and of course, limited too.

Drupal is much more than a mere CMS, it is a whole architecture (framework) of functions and libraries where to build your website of any scale, customized to the very little final detail and is so modular and thriving community I highly recommend this for everything except personal small blogs.
My only concern with Drupal is that because of this powerful design it is quite abstract and requires a bit of effort to get into, learn the way until you are up to speed.
The design part does not excel either so you may find yourself with some very crappy setups and my feeling is that you will do well hiring some expert help to design and setup your site if you are aiming to have something commercial.

Wordpress is just a joy to use, so easy and non-intrusive I learned to use it and hack it (a bit) in just one day so if you are aiming to have a small or moderate blog/site which does not require hugely complex modules nor you won’t become a big company, well, then it is just great.
Unfortunately it is so popular that you will have to be careful with spam and what not, it is just the same problem than Windows i guess.
The best bit is that the designs and free modules make WordPress hugely customizable and looks great with tiny effort so if you are up for a fast one, this is it.

Anyway, my feeling is that you should play with these, go and see commercial websites that have been created with these, if you are a business don’t look further, go for Drupal, if you are a hobbyist, well, enjoy both.

Hope it helps.

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