Few times you can have such a cool experience and this little restaurant is all about cool, or isn’t it? Well, at the beginning you just know you are in a cool place, the nice vibe, the people look good, there is this music and if you dare to look there is a DJ playing it and then all the waiters/waitresses are all young and hip and you feel like the fat bastard has been unleashed (yourself of course).

Well, in my humble opinion Ryoko’s is not only cool, the food is to die for, from the standard japanese recipies to special dishes it just shines, I ended up ordering a second round because I just went mad in love with their sushi. Specially great were the spider rolls and the sea bream.

In any case, if you want to surprise your partner and show her the nicer and deeper San Francisco night scene this is a great place to start and honestly, you will go back again and again, just make sure you run through the menu and stop sticking to the old same dishes as you do, this is a place you can sure trust.

You should book if you want a table, that is for sure. And no, sushi is not fast food so stop buying it like it is.

619 Taylor Stree
San Francisco, CA 94102
415 775 1028

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