MacWorld 2009

Finally Apple unveiled the news and to our surprise there is “just” a 17 inch MacbookPro and a lot of software, which indeed reinforces my opinion Apple is really a Software company that do the best computers in the world. And yes, as annoyed as I am they are paying less attention to the professional line of tools like Shake (discontinued) and on the way Apple also has killed many products (Silicon Grail, Rayz, etc….) the news are that their consumer products are getting so good, so interesting that in a way the professional market is going to be pushed a lot by them;


iPhoto 09 seems to me a fantastic photo management tool, now with face recognition, GPS positioning, map relationships and much more all as cheap as it is? why should I spend money on Lightroom if I am not an top-end photographer? Well, even if you are, then may be you want to go for the real deal instead of lightroom and go directly for DxO optics instead!!!

iMovie 09 again seems like a great reinvention of video editing for everybody, but then again, I am just doing my little short film and honestly don’t need Final Cut Pro nor the likes, therefore again we have an example of a consumer level product that is so good that will push away professional tools for certain markets like video for the internet.

Numbers, Pages and Keynote the professional range tool of productivity suite of tools now has internet collaboration and seems to position Apple where it really needs to be, no major dependency from Adobe, Microsoft and Avid.

But now the question is… what about Photoshop? that will be the Achilles heel of Apple and I am pretty sure they are working day and night on this so may be I am dreaming but I can see sooner rather than later a Photoshop competitor so Apple is not hurt by strategic ransom like it has been from QuarkXpress for example or Adobe.

A decent alternative for everybody is Pixelmator which does quite a lot of what Photoshop does and is a steal. Of course professional artists that use Photoshop on a daily basis will laugh at it in certain ways but if you put it side by side iLife, well, it is just perfect for the job.

On the personal like, I honestly think Jobs is way too important as an icon to be substituted and the presentation showed clearly there is not another CEO like him with such charisma and reality distortion field capabilities.

Once again looking at what Apple is doing I can see why I am so happy with my Mac, it is just years ahead of anything else and is all due to OSX and the software like iLife and iWork.

Now dying to know about Snow Leopard.

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