LG : Steam

An amazing challenge where technology was put in place where it really helped, a tremendous shoot with brilliant moments… Not only we needed to understand the moments where we were shooting given the liquid nitrogen used only worked under certain temperatures and humidity conditions.

Interesting enough the weather did help us a lot in the early morning thanks to the humidity and how cold it was, these liquid hidrogen clouds were holding far longer than during the day and forming these beautiful billowed clouds.

Here you have a combination of liquid nitrogen and 3D clouds that were computer generated and composited, this was done with Maya as it was the better equipped package to do fluids so we focussed our efforts on it.

Many huge voxel containers were created and although the process was extremely painful due to how slow it was plus the general crappiness of Maya 2009 which made our life very difficult.

The renders were not bad but the voxel generation was for huge scale scenes like this so we had to be very careful with client comments as they would impact the delivery day if we were not careful.

And of course different containers were choreographed by separated to form these huge shots, which proved a test for our disk space and network

Director : Michael Geoghegan

Agency : BBH
Production : Spank

Task : Lead CG Artist, Crowd TD.

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