Another japanese restaurant in this world, another promise of fresh fish and of course, being the mediterranean and a country with such love for fish like Spain (2nd to Japan in fish consumption) you can only expect quite good quality. In fact, spanish cuisine tends not to hide but to amplify flavors and natural ingredients are key so you have to expect they really understand what japanese food is all about, enhancing the base product without distorting the natural flavours.

Well, the place is very nice and cool, the setup is indeed off beat because is located between Gracia and Eixample areas but I must say it is refreshing in that sense, not much but locals that love this kind of cuisine surrounded by local stores of anything from light bulbs to shoes, nice.

The food is very good, nicely prepared, very few surprises sure but that kind of japanese restaurant you are not going to go home overblown by its sophistication nor by its sloppy preparation, it is correct and nice. Nevertheless it is way too expensive to my taste, even for London standards this is an expensive place where a simple set of sushi/sashimi is over 10 Pounds/Euros and let’s remember, although I adore Barcelona (my home town) it is not London (one of the two most important econimic centers in the world) and a place of constant renovation.

My feeling is that if you fancy japanese food there are better places in Barcelona that will give you a more interesting experience for the same or less price, nothing bad with this place, nothing surprising either.

Gran de Gracia 13
93 415 96 22
Nomo website

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  1. shader

    Hi, I recomend you another great chinesse restaurant from Barcelona. As told by my friends, maybe it’s the best chinesse one in Europe. Is here:

    Koy Shunka, C/Copons 7 Barcelona.

    Cheers from Spain.

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