A mountain of passwords

Seems the internet as it is, with thousands of sites asking for your data again and again is becoming more a password nightmare than a navigation pleasure. Specially the distinction you end up doing between not-that-important sites and here-is-my-money sites which require a stronger and different password than your mother’s name.

So I was looking around on the internet for a better password manager and discovered a different kind of password manager called 1password which in fact is more than a password manager. Is an identity manager mixed with a wallet and a password manager and the idea is so simple and so brilliant I bought a license instantly.

First of all, you create your multiple identities where you reveal certain amount of information on each of them, one of course will be your full data that you will want to use for your banking but not for a dodgy forum. So you can fill forms giving away the information you want, may be even having some fake identities.

Second you have some password management for the places you log-in, like the mac keychain that remembers log-in information 1password does collect that information and more, as page structure and variables names so actually can log you in automatically without typing, which protects you from the infamous keyloggers. This in itself is reason enough to buy the software.

Third, there is a strong password generator that will build very tough ones for anyone to try to crack, the form will be filled for you, the password copied to your clipboard so you can paste it if you want and all safely kept on an encrypted file.

And the clever bit is that access to your one single password will unlock your identities, your login information and password generation so effectively you have only 1 single password and on every webpage you drop really tough ones, the software will fill the right passwords to the right sites and a by-product will be that if the site is a phising site, well, it won’t be identified as the real thing hence improving your security.

Furthermore, they have added as a plugin to your browser too so you can manage where your info is put and so easy it is a pleasure to really jump to hardcore password protection.

And as a fan of iPhone as I am, what a surprise to see my iPhone 1Password app ready to have them with me on my wallet, just in case my computer is stolen/lost/damaged.

I highly recommend to buy this product.

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