Plum valley

Seems to me I have found another really good chinese restaurant, this time is a cool/trendy/chic place where to eat some delicious dim sum and what not. The menu is not huge because it is done properly, you can tell it has done in place rather than frozen, you can tell the flavours are still there, a nice surprise in the core of china-town which is probably the tackiest area in london.

This is an ideal place to take your partner/wife/lover and share some time together on a place that actually does not stink, where the tables are huge and you are not forced to sit down with strangers, here the food takes time and nobody rushes you, where service is there for you rather than to get rid of you. Make sure you order a bunch of deserts, they are gorgeous and I must say that was our highlight.

Do book or you may end up queuing for a long time.

20 Gerrard Street
London – W1D 6JD
020 7494 4366

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