I am fascinated by all these people out there spending their time on hacking computers that normally would run windows or linux to now run mac os x.

But then again, that is nature, it finds its way no matter what as the water always flows down, which is something companies should learn about, you don’t want your customers to fight against you (special mention to RIAA and MPAA or course) you want them to embrace your products and given that Apple’s new OSX runs on Intel, why not sell the software on intel machines? Of course this is a long discussion and sure they know their business depends in grand part on hardware, but hey, isn’t it the whole point of buying a Mac? their are better buit, better tuned and you won’t have problems given that they have been fully tested? Well, may be that is not true any more, may be it is.

The child in my wants to play and they just gave me a fun toy, a little DELL MINI 9 which I hacked based on internet how-to tutorials into a non-expensive machine I can take to the shoot without fear of breaking, fast enough, simple enough, portable… well, it is the perfect travel companion and although not as cool, it makes me think of it in a different fashion and not worry.

Funny enough during this ride I realized I need to start syncing my machines so I am now a client of .MAC (paying) and of course I now keep investing on software for Mac given that I own 2 plus my iPhone so… isn’t it the perfect business for Apple? I am now trapped.

So what did motivate me to do this? well, my main laptop graphic card blew up and for 2 weeks I had no access to my data, documents, links, various mail accounts, calendar… a total disaster… so I though of it as a simple live backup which is exactly what it is, the software installed is legal, even the OS, and of course I will encourage you to do it that way but suddenly if any of them crashes is stolen or lost, well, at least I have my data with me on the other machine I keep syncing of course.

Have a look at it, the community is thriving

Dell Mini 9 How to

Dell Mini 9 community

By the way, I forgot to mention that, as these computers hacked are not official you may loose all the info on an update, no guarantees, no support of course… it is all up to you so may not be for the faint hearted.


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