Adidas : The Spark

A great experience on creative design for a great brand where we were trying to develop a different style of visuals, more dramatic, more intense, very like a comic book.
From painting frames using the same techniques from comics to color correcting in an unusual way this job was all about a different approach, enhanced stadiums, tons of crowds and more… it was all a huge challenge.

Stadiums, crowds, loads of set extensions and some matte painting work to make sure we enhance the world where our hero is set.

In terms of lighting the director and the director of photography did setup a super strong look that later on the grading session was enhance to the very extreme putting us on this new world. Overall we had to be very careful with the color as everything we did was later corrected towards the main grade which as you can see on the image is pretty strong. The grass was actually green and we put it brown!

As you can see the stadium has four tiers which is just not there, we had to convert a two tier stadium into a four one, plus change all the lighting so looked lit from the very top.

Shots like this were enhanced heavily but the matte painting artist to portray this look of very run down cityscape, actually this is the main avenue in Barcelona called Diagonal and as anyone that has been there knows it looks pristine.

All in all was a very interesting project, specially in the very early stage where the director and I were discussing the language of the project, finding references and setting the ground for the whole look.

Director: Rupert Sanders
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Production: MJZ London

Task: 3D supervisor

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