The reality of post-production

Seems some of the many people that sure had this idea has done it and let’s face it, should ring a bell on the industry about what is our place in this creative community, not only a hairdresser would never get these kind of requests, he will get paid in full before the customer leaves.

Let’s learn something

So the question is what is our place in the food chain, as suppliers that have developed a craft to the nth degree in which cinematography as well as visual effects have found a solid ground, where suddenly doing it with a computer is actually cheaper and sometimes better than doing it for real should put on the table some serious questions.

Is this a way to grow an industry? by discounts? can we actually compete with newer markets where labor costs and running the enterprise, infrastructure is much much cheapter? can we afford not to think in the future with the first wave of computer graphic artists arriving to that age in which retirement is not too far away? or having a family in such precarious situation for which your commitment does not make sense?

I truly fear many companies closing down anytime soon and without an organisation like the directors guild or the writers guild we are in a tough situation, our pensions, our titles and salaries… it is all in the air.

Fortunately we can do something but will we? in the meantime we can mock the problem and protest to our peers but this is not going anywhere and as you may have seen in your country if you are like me a foreigner trying to build a career abroad because your country has destroyed the postproduction industry, we have seen the actual process first hand and should be brave enough to act… soon.

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