Website revamp

As you probably can see from the random changes, experiments and graphic tweaks the website is right now on the process of being revamped to WordPress 3 with a new theme that will require some fiddling for a few days until I get it right.

Please be patient and bear in mind I am still working on it.

Thanks for your understanding.

8 Responses to “Website revamp”
  1. 07.16.2010

    You need to really think about steering this site into a serious player in this niche. You obviously have a good grasp of the areas all of us are browsing for on this blog anyways and you could definitely even make a dollar or three off of some ads. I would look into following recent headlines and raising the number of write ups you make and I bet you’d start seeing some awesome traffic soon. Just a brainstorm, good luck in whatever you do!

  2. 07.16.2010

    We really like what you write on here. I try and read it every day so keep up the good posts!

  3. 07.16.2010

    I am normally not the kind of person to write my opinion on people’s blogs, but for your post I just needed to do it. I’ve been cruising in your blog a lot recently and I’m super impressed, I think you could potentially emerge as a main voices for this topic. Not sure what your load is like in life, but if you began commiting more time to posting here, I would bet you would begin receiving a bunch of traffic eventually. With ads, it could emerge as a great passive revenue source. Just something to think about. Good luck!

  4. 07.16.2010

    Fantastic site! Your writing is so fresh compared to most other writers. Thanks for writing when you do, I will be sure to read more!

  5. 07.30.2010

    Hey Jordi,

    Nice update on you website. It’s easier to read and I’m looking forward to seeing your tutorials.

    Hope the family is all doing well and that Jeronimo is in good health.

  6. 07.30.2010

    Thanks so much Laurent, I never was happy with my previous websites but now seems to be fitting pretty well and although there are many kinks I am excited about maintaining it.

    Hope everything is going well for all of you and look forward to meet at some point!

    Best regards!

  7. 07.30.2010

    Thanks so much Marissa, will do my best to keep posting fresh material.

  8. 07.30.2010

    Thanks so much Nila, is that a deal? ;-) I will have to think seriously about building up an audience, so far has been a curiosity and promotion pet project but seems people like it so I won’t say no just yet.

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