La Paradeta

A true honest local that sells the best seafood you can get in Barcelona, simple… well, spartan but wonderful. A place to go with friends or family in a very informal occasion and make sure you leave at home all your prejudices.

Simply a local that has put seafood restaurant on a different casual world, more a university student appraoch where you pick your own food, they cook it and you take it to your own table to chew it all in no time. The food is perfect, the ambience is super-casual and after the feast you take your own garbage back to the kitchen. No frills.

Truly an experience, only drawback is that if you plan a nice evening with your partner  your hands will be smelling fish the whole night as they are as rough as it gets.. no water with lemon here… slurp your fingers and let’s hope it all goes away.

To be honest I was very happy, you also can take your kids, noise is not a problem, they have air conditioning so in summer this is a gem but I would suggest to go once before you take here your new business clients.

The selection is tiny, clams, prawns, lobster and a few other things but it is so fresh you wouldn’t believe it, the cooking method is either one or the other, but don’t ask for anything out of the offered, here they go ultra fast so decide fast too.

Oh, and no reservations normally, just a looooong queue which says something already doesn’t it?

C/ Comercial, 7
Barcelona, 08003
932 681 939

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