Pear notes

What a discovery today when reading smoking apples article on Pear Notes, a note taking application for OSX that will rock your world.

I truly didn’t realise I needed this so much but went through the trial process to give it a spin, like I do in so many occasions, but this time I discovered this glimpse of genius on how to take notes and make them actually useful if not vital.

The whole point of the application is about note taking and I can’t think of a better scenario than a university with another 300 students piling up and trying to get all the information on the classes as possible by taking notes by recording the audio, of course adding text to the mix is great because you can put your own thoughts on top of those of the teacher but didn’t really occur to me it was actually absolutely vital to be able to relate these two elements, the audio with the text, so we can click on the text and the audio corresponding to that section is found.

Therefore I tried this on an internal meeting were we have full control over the disclosure of the information so I recorded the whole 30 minutes of conversation and took notes as appropriate, then back on my desk I did test the whole thing and found it amazing to be able to clean notes and review stuff.

But what a surprise when the software let me export the whole session of notes plus audio in sync to a web page that everybody in the company could access, suddenly all my internal coordination meeting notes can be shared among the team and other offices we have spread around the world, which solves finally the communications problem we have tried to solve for the past 6 years unsuccessfully.

Furthermore, you can take video too and slides, which makes planning very complex meetings a bliss…

You will find many other features like variable speed playback for those slow writing, also search functions and a few other goodies all in a super-clean simple interface.

Can’t wait for the next one.

My suggestion is to buy it instantly, it took me 5 minutes to realise the potential and buy this gem.

Pear notes

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