A fantastic iPhone app that will open your eyes on how to take notes on measurements, specially useful for those working on shoot supervision.

The major story here is that right now paper and pen is your best friend on set, no matter what later on you will end up having a nightmare once you are back on your hotel trying to unravel the mess of data you have gathered during the day. Of course now you are exhausted, hungry and willing to just go to bed and rest, instead you have to charge batteries, eat something, shower, backup stuff, check emails and talk to your wife… the last thing I want is to go through those sketches.

My actual solution is to take polaroids and write on them, but it is a bit expensive and very unpractical as you can end up loosing everything so when a friend told me about this little app I was shocked how good it is and note taking is a pleasure, plus you can email back to base so they can see and interpret the notes before we finish the shoot.

Basically, buy it now.

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