Storyboard Composer

A very interesting tool to be used in a variety of moments, in particular I am using it when I do the recce of the job, having some snapshots and later on putting together a fast story animatic helps me understand the direction of the job, what the director really is after and brief the team that is working on the assets as fast as I can on the issues that may appear.

Usually is not really about replicating the edit which will change, but trigger the right questions for the shoot, these shots that may require CG or could be on camera, being able to point to both Director and DP of the things we have been talking rather than talking out of thin air and help myself being more specific and to the point.

Sometimes happens you discover weak points in the story and you will be prepared for the sudden improvisations from Director but most importantly you will be able to discuss with the producer these things that will mean trouble ahead on post-production, things that could affect the budget and how to avoid it.

Other times is just a helpful ticking the box so you keep track of things, you can later use the same images from the recce for your shot board and notes, for measurements so it is a win win situation when used in combination with other tools.

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