Mill Colour

No matter how we say the iPhone and iPad don’t have any solution for colour correction The Mill provides a free tool aimed towards professional workflow colour correction, and I mean as if you were on a mini-telecine, which when you are on a shoot can be pretty interesting to visualise where are you heading.

Of course you don’t want to assume a non-calibrated screen with random environment is the place to do some grading but the important bit really is the discussions arising from it rather than the actual image taken literally.

I specially love the sensitivity of the controls, rather than jumping abruptly the corrections are very subtle but of course a trained eye know where to look and provides great control.

Also very useful is to start from some of the presets they provide which have been constructed with the help of the telecine artists to provide a truer look.

All in all a very useful application for anyone dealing with colour on a professional environment as a exploration tool on set or even helping on the communication of ideas with other professionals.

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