What a great surprise to see traditional gear manufacturers embrace the world we live in by creating a very useful iPhone App to go on a scout and register the locations, daylight, sunset, etc…

The problem every time you go to a scout is to match location information, voice notes, photographic reference and framing information, but mixing sun/night information is the piece that makes it the most relevant.

Not only that, this particular tool will let you have a much better understanding of the space you are surveying and if you are about to do CG afterwards it has prove itself very very useful indeed.

On the would-be-nice side I feel the interface could be a bit better when managing albums and rolls, have some lens configuration as right now is static and may I dream, use Dropbox as the backbone for image sharing but I know the guys from Panavision are working on some of it as we speak.

Watch a demo here

Great addition to my iPhone way of life.

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