A refreshing export of mediterranean food and wine knowledge that will make you think you are in Italy or Spain when you close your eyes and realise you are in the new world by the uncomplicated approach, fine dining without the uptight service yet very professional one.

Let’s assume you want to have a calm business meeting, a long conversation with your partner without being push and hurried, a long and very pricey list of wines… well, this is your place.

They have a superb wine list with some of the finest wines you can find nowadays on a enoteca and the spaces are just gorgeous, a total find in the middle of a modern city like Vancouver.

The food is just excellent, their chef really knows how to cook and although I am not a gourmet the fact is that I know the meat was properly cooked, something that does seem easy but it is not if you go for a not very common meat.

Very well arranged and somehow misleading portion sizes, visually you may think these are small dishes but very soon you will see they are very generous indeed.

The preparation takes its time so make sure you have time, this is a proper place and time is the most essential ingredient.

Highly recommended.

1133 & 1129 Hamilton St.
604 788 7466
Cioppino’s website

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