My name is Jordi and I have the luck to work for some of the world’s top post-production houses as a VFX Supervisor and head of the computer graphics department with a long list of exceptionally talented people, to those people I owe a lot of things for their effort on all those projects that I have the opportunity to work for. Without them it would not have been so easy.

My interests range from architecture to photography and from animation to food so it is difficult to find a empty moment in my life, too busy enjoying the ride so far and being curious as I am this so far is like a new toy in the hands of a child.

My normal duties are very varied and some times I have the chance to give a conference, I will be posting events which I attend in case you are interested in seeing for yourself the work we do and how is being done.

To check my full portfolio please visit my Vimeo channel at Vimeo Channel

Feel free to email me, i always answer although sometimes takes me a bit of time so be patient.

Jordi Bares

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