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Houdini 16 Launch & VFX festival

For those of you in London, make sure you visit the VFX Festival where SideFX is going to launch the upcoming Houdini 16 in what looks like a very important point for all of us artists, and especially relevant for us Softimage users that are moving forward.

Mundos Digitales 2014 Summary

This edition of Mundos Digitales has been specially incredible, not only the speaker line up was fantastic, the material shown gets better and better every year, but also had the number of reasons to feel this was the best edition I have been.

Mundos Digitales 2014

It is rare to find a VFX festival where you can meet the speakers in a very informal way, chat, go for drinks or even lunch… My favourite visual effects festival is back again this year stronger than ever with an amazing line up of conferences which I am sure you will love. Make sure you book as soon as possible.

D&AD awards celebrate 50 years

Another amazing surprise to see Playstation “Mountain” still going strong and being recognised in such a way again. I was part of the this incredible project and it is a pleasure the feeling I have got when the director says; “It should have been impossibly hard, but it was just a job where everything went right.” Let’s refresh our memories

CVMP 2011 conference

I will be speaking at the high profile CVMP 2011 conference and hopefully share my view on modern lighting techniques and discuss the reality we live to day. Hopefully some of you will be joining us.

Mundos Digitales 2011

Once again my favourite festival and I was invited to give a talk amongst some of the most brilliant people I have ever met, from Peter Plantec to Gonzalo Rueda and countless other speakers… it was brilliant to say the least. The festival has a unique approach in that it relates to students and professionals on various categories; games, architecture and visual effects, all under one roof and organised seamlessly. If anything I can only say the organisation is so good that puts every other festival to shame. Mundos Digitales Program Indeed the content was great, but the setup is […]

Annecy 2010

The 50th animation film festival is a total success an bearing in mind how weird this whole thing is, meaning in the middle of the alps… Well, seems great.

MacWorld 2009

Finally Apple unveiled the news and to our surprise there is “just” a 17 inch MacbookPro and a lot of software, which indeed reinforces my opinion Apple is really a Software company that do the best computers in the world. And yes, as annoyed as I am they are paying less attention to the professional line of tools like Shake (discontinued) and on the way Apple also has killed many products (Silicon Grail, Rayz, etc….) the news are that their consumer products are getting so good, so interesting that in a way the professional market is going to be pushed […]

Imagina 2009

Many of you may not have heard of it too much, many will think is a gone festival, well, I am afraid you should be paying attention to this one and yes, it is in Monaco. This year they have put together quite an interesting offer on Architecture visualization, landscape, industrial activity and of course, entertainment. So if you are considering reviewing where to go to see interesting stuff and are not planning to go to the US, probably this is one of the places you sure should go. Imagina

Conference at Ravensbourne College

On the 17th of November 2008 I will be giving a conference about post-production and how the role is morphing towards a more preproduction as we tackle more complex projects while making the most of the budget. Ravensbourne College