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What a great surprise to see traditional gear manufacturers embrace the world we live in by creating a very useful iPhone App to go on a scout and register the locations, daylight, sunset, etc…

Mill Colour

No matter how we say the iPhone and iPad don’t have any solution for colour correction The Mill provides a free tool aimed towards professional workflow colour correction, and I mean as if you were on a mini-telecine, which when you are on a shoot can be pretty interesting to visualise where are you heading.

Storyboard Composer

A very interesting tool to be used in a variety of moments, in particular I am using it when I do the recce of the job, having some snapshots and later on putting together a fast story animatic helps me understand the direction of the job, what the director really is after and brief the team that is working on the assets as fast as I can on the issues that may appear.


Another great app for iphone to help you out with all sorts of calculations, specially useful for us visual effects people when it comes to doing time related calculations and also time code based ones.


A fantastic iPhone app that will open your eyes on how to take notes on measurements, specially useful for those working on shoot supervision.