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About filename conventions

Seems like an subject with endless possibilities, endless talk and actually pretty straight forward solution, only thing is that, there is not one solution and therefore becomes an argument rather than a tool. Of course our little egos do thrive on these thing, like talking football, anyone can talk yet very few have to prove they really understand what it is behind so what I am going to do instead of selling my personal approach is just outline an strategy and from then on, you do your own, which seems much more fair too as I do not know your […]

My vocabulary

We humans like to label everything, not only because it expresses the underlaying structure but because we can create higher level communication with other humans and put more information on the table with little effort. The fact that we all know what a sequence is means I can avoid explaining it every time I try to talk about anything related to them, making communication way more efficient.

Pipeline thoughts

A recent thread on 3D-Pro made me want to put my personal views on “mighty pipeline” which seems to me not perfectly defined and probably many of us understand very different things when we talk about them.