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Houdini 16 Launch & VFX festival

For those of you in London, make sure you visit the VFX Festival where SideFX is going to launch the upcoming Houdini 16 in what looks like a very important point for all of us artists, and especially relevant for us Softimage users that are moving forward.

I have joined Glassworks

After two years at Realise I have decided to move to Glassworks as Creative Director and continue my journey to produce memorable work. On this journey I have stretched my muscles beyond what I though was possible, learned a lot, produce some beautiful pieces I regard as some of the best I have produced and now that I found my true voice it is my aim to help Glassworks raise to be the best post production house. Why Glassworks? I do believe is the only top tier company that truly values the craft, has an amazing culture, history and pedigree, […]

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Softimage to Houdini Transition Guides

After Autodesk decision to abandon Softimage I took upon myself to use my little spare time to help the community to transition to what I believe is the best tool for any FXTD and CG artist. Given its steep learning curve I though it would be great to try to compare Softimage to Houdini from an artistic point of view and skill all the very technical details for those who are interested. The first incarnation was hosted in my Dropbox account but soon I was reaching the 200Gb download limit so it has been great to see Side Effects stepping […]

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Farewell Softimage

For the past eleven years I have been lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place and with the help of very talented people we managed to produce some truly amazing work, I feel fortunate enough to have built my career in a time in which the craft was more valuable than ever, but even more important has been the role of certain tools that enabled us to produce that work.

London Softimage User Group

The Softimage community never ceases to surprise me, now a bunch of top artists are organising the London User Group to coordinate efforts in promoting our favourite tool and bring even closer a very strong community. If you are interested in joining us into what surely will be exciting times make sure you visit the website. London Softimage Users Group


This is the first of a series of papers on the subject trying to unify in a coherent way how color management works from the ground up from the perspective of a user and given that our beloved gamma function spreads all over the place and has a huge influence in all aspects of computer graphics i decided it was time to try to develop the subject as the documentation I have found on the internet is so bad and confusing. Inspired by the book Digital Compositing for Film and Video by Steve Write and his superb explanation of the […]

XSI Common Object Model

Introduction Microsoft’s COM technology is a key component of the windows operating system and an excellent approach to share data where applications can communicate, not only passing data, but executing other’s applications tools from your own. XSI is built on top of this approach as a true com application and therefore from any com application you can call XSI and vice-versa.

Mental Ray Codes

Many times i have found myself looking for what a mental ray codes mean and again the book is not near me, therefore i just put down the most important ones so i can have a look any time thru internet… now open to everybody so you can also have this handy reference.

About color

Introduction Explain what color is in the computer environment, and how it is handled by the computer is a very difficult task, but I will try to make a “easy-to-understand” resume, so you (probably) will enhance your 2D/3D projects in many ways, as long as I know, this knowledge will improve also the tools you use, so make a bookmark now.

About Inverse Kinematics

Introduction Why a tutorial about skeletons? we all use them, aren´t we? well, what i think is that we are used to the way they behave but not fully understand the concept. Is true that if you have been dealing with character animation you are going to be familiar with this tutorial but sure many things get clearer after. If you are a beginner with skeletons, much better. My only recommendation is, read it.