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I was surprised when a friend of mine took me to this little shady restaurant claiming i will love it. Clearly he knows me because it was fantastic. Not only the food is exceptionally good and the way is prepared too but the price is just incredibly good. The service is the oriental tradition so don’t expect any niceties like the ones you will find in other “better” restaurants.


Koi is one of those fantastic restaurants with great service, great vibe and fabulous food priced accordingly of course.

Giorgio Baldi

Not only the environment is very close to that of the italian coast, the food menu and its non pretentious style does surprise as the dishes unfold, perfectly cooked pasta as you may expect and european size dishes to enjoy food rather than being stuffed like a chicken.

Figaro Bistrot

Clearly the place is the closest you are going to get to Paris, the food is very good like the french onion soup yet you get the true parisian service, meaning that if you are lucky you get a good waiter, if you are not, you get a grumpy waitress who is going to ignore you big time, nevertheless you can be a bit rude so it is all fun.