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Carlsberg : The Ride

I can safely say I have been waiting years for a job like this to appear in the radar, needless to say when we were awarded the job we were literally over the moon and we put all our love into it which hopefully is visible.


GStar : Destroy to Construct

This may have been one of the most difficult jobs I have done due to the nature of the deconstruction process and how complex is to make a system directable.


Reebok : Classics 30th anniversary

A brilliant little project I really did enjoy from start to finish, specially because it was 3D free and it was all about ingenuity and craft rather than trying to do 3D where we didn’t need to.


Heineken : Crack the case

I had the opportunity to work on this new installation of Heineken for the renowned director Matthijs van Heijningen with none other than Daniel Craig, pretty crazy stuff.


Muller : Wonderful stuff

A wonderful adventure in the world of Muller, now let’s throw everything we have at it and make it bigger, better and as crazy as we can. Now how to do this??


Sunlight : Kabbadi

When I was given the opportunity to direct another animation job I was so excited, specially Sunlight that was a very nice realistic looking job with live action. So I did jump onto it with both arms open and trying to put into motion a ton of my ideas about animation.


Phillips : LED

An interesting take on the journey of light, we did hopefully make our shots totally invisible and I will try not to reveal too much but of course the approach was this time more methodical than ever on how our assets were created and later used.


Verizon : Droid Charge

A great opportunity to put my latest research in true motion, not only little tests but truly a new approach on our lighting pipeline that did permit us to produce such huge job in record time without suffering too much.


Comfort : GAP

My directorial debut and a wonderful experience where I feel a part of me lives. From the script, editing and planning to the production journey I have memories I will cherish forever.. and a few scars too of course as every single thing I get involved I put a lot of passion and learn the hard way this is not only my baby, but other’s baby too so I should be respectful of what I have in my hands.


Audi : Paper Liberation

This is one of those jobs that pushes our technical tricks to the limit, from the shoot itself that required lots of time and effort to the actual paper carving and of course, paper landing in a natural way but directable and for this we used every single tool under the sky, from XSI to Maya to Houdini, from Zbrush to… anyway… almost all of them.