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Softimage to Houdini Transition Guides

After Autodesk decision to abandon Softimage I took upon myself to use my little spare time to help the community to transition to what I believe is the best tool for any FXTD and CG artist. Given its steep learning curve I though it would be great to try to compare Softimage to Houdini from an artistic point of view and skill all the very technical details for those who are interested. The first incarnation was hosted in my Dropbox account but soon I was reaching the 200Gb download limit so it has been great to see Side Effects stepping […]

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Farewell Softimage

For the past eleven years I have been lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place and with the help of very talented people we managed to produce some truly amazing work, I feel fortunate enough to have built my career in a time in which the craft was more valuable than ever, but even more important has been the role of certain tools that enabled us to produce that work.

Google’s world domination

Today everything came together as I haven’t managed to put into words some of my feelings with the latest products from Google, a company that somehow is morphing from search to something terrifyingly different, a data mining company and the level of the event is such I couldn’t really comprehend the impact.

Free data for everybody

After today’s announcement on the new UK children’s database; I worry about the data, which in theory is secure, but let’s face it, what credibility does the Labour government has on the subject; (there are many many more examples but I got tired of writing them) So as you can imagine I am very worried indeed on the whole subject of data centralization in the hands of government officials, let’s face it, they don’t know what they are doing at all.

Windows Vista vs Windows 7 DRM

And we start to see rumors on Windows 7 DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), which makes me think Microsoft may have not learnt none of their clients (us) have asked for that kind of “functionality”, will keep an eye on it, in the meantime have a look at the recent news. Slashdot article here.

Another RIAA humiliation

Finally I can see some common sense in a judge, have a look at this article which basically states that 17.000 downloads are not 17.000 lost sales as the RIAA wants us to think.

Apple likes DRM

Seems to me the best personal computer in the world has been downgraded to become less useful than its predecessor by adding DRM capabilities to the video output (mini displayport) so yet again we are going to have to ask “what the fuck” ??? Read the whole story at Apple downgrades the new MacBook Pro