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Pear notes

What a discovery today when reading smoking apples article on Pear Notes, a note taking application for OSX that will rock your world.


I am fascinated by all these people out there spending their time on hacking computers that normally would run windows or linux to now run mac os x.

Google vs. Wolfram|Alpha

Just lately has been quite a bit of press on the new project from Wolfram, and the media hinted to the “Google Killer” which in my opinion is a bit misleading as this is not a competitor on searching, but a competitor in quality of information and a research tool. So where are these two huge projects going? In my opinion a small answer is not possible, you have to understand a bit what Google and Wolfram do and where they come from but more importantly where the new Alpha tool lives today.

Splunk and the new era of search

Well, it was a matter of time till someone does come up with on-the-fly search for the arbitrary software output and performs all sorts of advanced analysis on the huge volume of information coming out of hundreds or even thousands of machines.

A mountain of passwords

Seems the internet as it is, with thousands of sites asking for your data again and again is becoming more a password nightmare than a navigation pleasure. Specially the distinction you end up doing between not-that-important sites and here-is-my-money sites which require a stronger and different password than your mother’s name.

Nintendo’s rant

Seems to me the latest rant from Nintendo is justified, seems to me the rampant piracy (illegal copying and distribution of games, illegal installation of chips to suppress the system’s built-in protection system) is indeed alarming and from that point of view, I do agree, it is not fair for the software developers nor Nintendo yet something has been lost in this one sided rant which I could illustrate very well from my own experience this last Christmas. Nintendo’s rant

Stereo 2009

With all the turmoil in the world seems technology is moving fast and may be a key component in the recovery, all studios seem to be investing in stereo feature films, suddenly there is a true interest in stereo content, games are getting into it too and now nVidia has presented a stereo capable graphics card.

LIDAR with Trimble VX and GX

Although not so very very new it is important to put this post to remind myself of the excellent product range Trimble has come across, specially interesting are the VX and GX solutions. Not only scanning get’s clever by simplifying the amount and distribution of data via their proprietary technology but they have the better idea of adding a digital stills camera so you can get a reference of what you have scanned and even a scan overlay. Trimble VX Trimble GX Plus of course a proper software kit to handle the vast amounts of data and specialized manipulation needs […]

WordPress vs. Drupal

Seems fair now that I have been playing around with both CMS (Content Management Systems) that I should write something about my experience and how I see this “battle” of two titans.

BBC iPlayer on Mac and Linux

Finally the BBC have released the BBC iPlayer as an Adobe Air application and now you can download it for your Mac or Linux. This will let you download the programs so if you are on a trip you can still see them even if you don’t have an internet connection. Be aware the settings by default are to send statistics to the BBC so if you are a privacy paranoid, well, go straight to change that.