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Site maintenance finished

Seems during the last days the hosting company have changed the underlaying hardware that keeps this site running and on the way have changed the domain name servers, due to this the site has been two days offline while trying to figure out the problem.

Reorganisation of categories

Finally managed to have a bit of time to fix the organisation of categories and the main menus, sure enough this should be cleaner and more readable while keeping the content intact. In case you have some links to some articles please check they are still valid as the way the paths are built will be affected, something Google loves ;-) In any case, the most important change is that I have grouped all CGI subjects, from events, business to XSI tutorials under one menu. Enjoy

Portfolio updated

Seems finally I have managed to put together the images for the old portfolio and the only thing missing is to add the very latest jobs and old jobs I never had the time to find all the stuff so stay tuned for the next days as I am close to finishing the redesign. Thanks for the patience.

Posts upgrade

In the process of adding more value to those articles and posts I am now reviewing every single post, upgrading them, adding many images as you sure have noticed and will setup the links to videos and making-of provided the permissions to publish those are in place.

Website revamp

As you probably can see from the random changes, experiments and graphic tweaks the website is right now on the process of being revamped to WordPress 3 with a new theme that will require some fiddling for a few days until I get it right. Please be patient and bear in mind I am still working on it. Thanks for your understanding.

Added download area

Finally I have added a download area in the website so I can put temporary stuff there for people to get hold of. Just browse to Download area and have fun.

Upgrade site to WordPress 2.7

Finally managed to find a moment to upgrade to WordPress 2.7, great interface, super-easy administration and honestly, a joy to use, hopefully this will be visible in the number of posts too.

Hello world!

I am transferring all the content from a different Content Management System to WordPress so please be patient, I will be much better on updating the site and specially short notes and research. Enjoy.

Your own website

If you are planning to buy a domain name and setup your own website here you have a basic concepts and rules of thumb on how to do it in a flexible way. First of all, hosting is in itself a very weird world of sellers and resellers, trust no website charts, just make sure you decouple the two very different elements so you are not later down the line hold hostage.