I am spanish so as you can guess food is in my soul, I don’t call myself a foodie but I am not, I am just a normal spanish that enjoys good quality food, I don’t care about organic nor any of the other fads that are all over the place, I just want local grown food, honestly prepared, fresh and simply delicious.


A true classic in Barcelona, offers a fantastic opportunity to understand Catalan cousins and its traditional form and really high-quality products. The service is exceptional so be ready for a great experience. The setting is beautiful and a bit formal so try to look the part, get a bit elegant and treat yourself to what surely will be an amazing experience (if you allow yourself to of course). My feeling is that this is the one place you want to explore new things and ask for recommendations, surely an occasion to take your partner for a great night out… or […]

Osties Pedrin

After quite a few years living abroad to my surprise I ended up having lunch at this beautiful and honest place, the food was delicious and the environment quite amazing as it is situated in the back of the very famous Boqueria. Funny enough there was close to no tourists so it felt really really local and the produce was clearly fresh from the market. All in all I highly recommend to go to this particular restaurant and indulge yourself in the very unknown Catalan cousins which in my humble opinion is the best kept secret in the culinary world. […]

Hapa Izakaya

If you like Japanese cuisine you are going to love this modern fusion take on it for both it’s quality and the cool environment. A true must for any visitor to Vancouver.


A refreshing export of mediterranean food and wine knowledge that will make you think you are in Italy or Spain when you close your eyes and realise you are in the new world by the uncomplicated approach, fine dining without the uptight service yet very professional one.

La Paradeta

A true honest local that sells the best seafood you can get in Barcelona, simple… well, spartan but wonderful. A place to go with friends or family in a very informal occasion and make sure you leave at home all your prejudices.


Another gem in London, wonderful Thai cousine at its best in a beautiful restaurant, trendy yet sober, busy but you don’t feel overwhelmed, good service, good everything.