My city, the place I lived almost all my life and now a refuge for my now life… beautiful, sunny, warm, fun, clean, modern, old, inspiring… I don’t know if I will ever return but it is a great place to live, that is for sure.


La Paradeta

A true honest local that sells the best seafood you can get in Barcelona, simple… well, spartan but wonderful. A place to go with friends or family in a very informal occasion and make sure you leave at home all your prejudices.



Another japanese restaurant in this world, another promise of fresh fish and of course, being the mediterranean and a country with such love for fish like Spain (2nd to Japan in fish consumption) you can only expect quite good quality. In fact, spanish cuisine tends not to hide but to amplify flavors and natural ingredients are key so you have to expect they really understand what japanese food is all about, enhancing the base product without distorting the natural flavours.

Restaurante O´toxo3

Seems I have the ability to find the greatest and shittiest places too, well, this one is specially interesting restaurant. In the core of Barcelona here you have the archetypical restaurant of local food properly prepared, very well priced, honest, no non-sense attitude yet smelly and weird and quirky.