My now home is simply one of the most incredible cities in the world, for good and bad is chaotic, ugly, beautiful, small, huge and what not… will never finish it off.


Another gem in London, wonderful Thai cousine at its best in a beautiful restaurant, trendy yet sober, busy but you don’t feel overwhelmed, good service, good everything.

Plum valley

Seems to me I have found another really good chinese restaurant, this time is a cool/trendy/chic place where to eat some delicious dim sum and what not. The menu is not huge because it is done properly, you can tell it has done in place rather than frozen, you can tell the flavours are still there, a nice surprise in the core of china-town which is probably the tackiest area in london.

Cambio de tercio

I must say when a friend of mind recommended me to go to Cambio de Tercio his glowing comments made me question it from the very start of the journey. Thanks God I managed to find the time because honestly the whole experience was superb.


This is an interpretation of a Thai restaurant for the European taste, very nice and casual, beautiful design and correct food served really fast. Quite a bit of noise and long queues but worth it for the price in central Soho, so if you are wondering arround this is a nice place to go.


Just from the moment you open the shady door you realize you are traveling to Spain, a true bar restaurant with all the good and bad things you can imagine.


This is one of those restaurants that you either love or hate, perfect the first time because it is truly an experience but i will let you decide if it is okay for you or not.