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Nike : The next level

I can say this project was great fun, watching the edit evolve and seeing it alive was a great opportunity and felt very lucky to be part of it, Probably the best bit is the fact that the effects were there to drive the commercial and immerse you in the game which is the ultimate goal of it so if there is a key role to fit is this one creating the stadiums and populating them with crowds.

Guinness : Tipping Point

A wonderful idea for one of the best brands in the world, executed in a fabulous way with some little help from post-production effects, not much though.

Sony : Balls

A high profile job playing a very honest approach to its visuals, all in camera with a lot of preproduction to simulate how these ball will behave on real live. The question everybody is asking me is…. is that for real?

PSP : A day in life

By far the most complex animation job we have done and would ever do, changing from rig to rig as the character morphs from one object to another and legs come head, head comes arms body splits all in a very controlled way fitting the music to the frame.

Hutchinson : Milkmaids

A bizarre adventure for one of the best directors of a girl in a stimulating world for Three where we faced a lot of invisible effects in order to give the project the scale it needed, from background enhancements to full city recontructions to building substitutions it was a real pleasure to do this job.

Hutchinson : Jellyfish + Cherry

A fantastically bizarre and psychodelic set of two commercials that put our animation capabilities to work in new and strange ways, later this sparked a whole line of projects for Hutchinson 3 due to the huge success of this two.

Nike : The other game

Before Mountain was on TV suddenly another commercial required the use of crowds and again after the huge success on Mountain I dediced to get another spin on Massive and make a much more advanced social behavior based on real observations on the field.

Playstation : Mountain

A huge commercial in every single sense and a clear showcase of technology to the service of a great idea. Probably this is one of the most radical commercials, not only in the idea but in the making as after Radiohead’s project I decided it was the perfect ground to put Massive technology in motion so after some tests the director moved on to shoot this project.

Toohey’s : The Quest

A wonderful concept made this my special baby as The Quest is a first timer for many of us, from the creation, shoot, character development… everything was extremely carefully planned and the final product shows the amount of love we all put into it.

Murphy’s : Peanuts

A humorous ad that put some fun into the beer’s battle, with many little things hidden this is one of those ads you will see a hundred times and something new will appear.