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Visa : The Heart

An enigmatic and fascinating piece by one of the best directors out there right now, truly an amazing experience to work with such a visionary and the team at MJZ who managed once again to make look simple the complex production requirements.

Guinness : World

A majestic mega-project where all sorts of techniques were used to create the world, from floods to clouds, from forests to seas, from fish to grass, everything had quite a lot of postproduction.

Nike : The next level

I can say this project was great fun, watching the edit evolve and seeing it alive was a great opportunity and felt very lucky to be part of it, Probably the best bit is the fact that the effects were there to drive the commercial and immerse you in the game which is the ultimate goal of it so if there is a key role to fit is this one creating the stadiums and populating them with crowds.

JCPenny : Crowdsurfing

A fun project done in Los Angeles office for JCPeeney where choreography was the name of the game, maintaining the crowd still yet alive and being able to pass people from hand to hand. Very interesting technical exercise for beautiful and playful commercial.

Puma : Speed legs

Probably the project from hell for every single CG artist, cloth, motion capture, facial scanning, skin, famous and recognizable characters, grass, effects to stop a train, crowds of impossible scale, crazy mechanical legs attached to humans, one single full game with 22 players plus extras and to make it worse, one single camera move set in the future.

Heineken : One big game

Another creative take exploiting the new possibilities of crowd controls with Massive to fill up an stadium and bring a very human story to life.