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Heineken : Crack the case

I had the opportunity to work on this new installation of Heineken for the renowned director Matthijs van Heijningen with none other than Daniel Craig, pretty crazy stuff.

New era of rendering in front of us

The nature of look development has been always a tough one due to the limitations imposed by the shading and illumination stages along with the rendering process that needs to be kickstarted to check your changes. So far all sorts of trickery have been used to get things easier, delay decision making by sending layers to the compositing, precomputing of very intense processes as reusable maps and what not.

Mental Ray Codes

Many times i have found myself looking for what a mental ray codes mean and again the book is not near me, therefore i just put down the most important ones so i can have a look any time thru internet… now open to everybody so you can also have this handy reference.