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I have joined FRAMESTORE

After two and a half years working with the very talented folks at Glassworks London, it is time for me to move to a bigger team where to put my skills through the many challenges ahead… clearly I am a fish that needs a big infrastructure behind him, so this move seems like the perfect match. Here I come!!!

Softimage Logo

Farewell Softimage

For the past eleven years I have been lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place and with the help of very talented people we managed to produce some truly amazing work, I feel fortunate enough to have built my career in a time in which the craft was more valuable than ever, but even more important has been the role of certain tools that enabled us to produce that work.

Entrevista CICE

Tras mucho tiempo intentando encontrar el tiempo y el momento para hacer la entrevista finalmente lo conseguimos (muchas gracias Miguel por ser tan concienzudo y trabajar tan duro). Espero que sea de inters

Heineken : Crack the case

I had the opportunity to work on this new installation of Heineken for the renowned director Matthijs van Heijningen with none other than Daniel Craig, pretty crazy stuff.

Portfolio updated

Seems finally I have managed to put together the images for the old portfolio and the only thing missing is to add the very latest jobs and old jobs I never had the time to find all the stuff so stay tuned for the next days as I am close to finishing the redesign. Thanks for the patience.

Google vs. Wolfram|Alpha

Just lately has been quite a bit of press on the new project from Wolfram, and the media hinted to the “Google Killer” which in my opinion is a bit misleading as this is not a competitor on searching, but a competitor in quality of information and a research tool. So where are these two huge projects going? In my opinion a small answer is not possible, you have to understand a bit what Google and Wolfram do and where they come from but more importantly where the new Alpha tool lives today.

Upgrade site to WordPress 2.7

Finally managed to find a moment to upgrade to WordPress 2.7, great interface, super-easy administration and honestly, a joy to use, hopefully this will be visible in the number of posts too.

BBC iPlayer on Mac and Linux

Finally the BBC have released the BBC iPlayer as an Adobe Air application and now you can download it for your Mac or Linux. This will let you download the programs so if you are on a trip you can still see them even if you don’t have an internet connection. Be aware the settings by default are to send statistics to the BBC so if you are a privacy paranoid, well, go straight to change that.

OpenCL is here

Seems the push from Apple in getting OpenCL v1.0 specification in record time will pay off big time if Apple’s predictions are true, I can’t wait to the new generation of applications and operating systems that use these super-graphics cards we have nowadays inside our machines. Open CL news at The Register

Softimage XSI v7.01 released

Seems Softimage have been very busy and v7.01 is now released with plenty of bug fixes that were quite important and I would suggest to upgrade as a matter of urgency, is much much more stable, the rendering is way faster and seems to me is the first post-autodesk release which should be something to celebrate. Kudos.