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I am fascinated by all these people out there spending their time on hacking computers that normally would run windows or linux to now run mac os x.

Google vs. Wolfram|Alpha

Just lately has been quite a bit of press on the new project from Wolfram, and the media hinted to the “Google Killer” which in my opinion is a bit misleading as this is not a competitor on searching, but a competitor in quality of information and a research tool. So where are these two huge projects going? In my opinion a small answer is not possible, you have to understand a bit what Google and Wolfram do and where they come from but more importantly where the new Alpha tool lives today.

Cutting corners

The other day I went back to my home town and noticed with the lapse of time certain changes on things that funny enough are fully relevant to what we do, post-production, in fact it extends to everything in life really. I woke up after a long dinner with my girlfriend’s family and decided to go down to a coffee shop we used to go, really nice place, they do also “bocadillos” which is a kind of sandwich with french style bread, salty breakfast with Serrano ham, chorizo, cheese and what not… all in all, a great place to start […]

WordPress vs. Drupal

Seems fair now that I have been playing around with both CMS (Content Management Systems) that I should write something about my experience and how I see this “battle” of two titans.

My vocabulary

We humans like to label everything, not only because it expresses the underlaying structure but because we can create higher level communication with other humans and put more information on the table with little effort. The fact that we all know what a sequence is means I can avoid explaining it every time I try to talk about anything related to them, making communication way more efficient.

OpenCL is here

Seems the push from Apple in getting OpenCL v1.0 specification in record time will pay off big time if Apple’s predictions are true, I can’t wait to the new generation of applications and operating systems that use these super-graphics cards we have nowadays inside our machines. Open CL news at The Register

Pipeline thoughts

A recent thread on 3D-Pro made me want to put my personal views on “mighty pipeline” which seems to me not perfectly defined and probably many of us understand very different things when we talk about them.