23 October 2013 / / Blog

Tras mucho tiempo intentando encontrar el tiempo y el momento para hacer la entrevista finalmente lo conseguimos (muchas gracias Miguel por ser tan concienzudo y trabajar tan duro).

07 October 2013 / / Portfolio / Advert

I can safely say I have been waiting years for a job like this to appear in the radar, needless to say when we were awarded the job, we were literally over the moon.

28 August 2013 / / Portfolio / Advert

This may have been one of the most difficult jobs I have done due to the nature of the deconstruction process and how complex is to make a system directable.

04 August 2013 / / Portfolio / Advert

A brilliant little project I really did enjoy from start to finish, specially because it was 3D free and it was all about ingenuity and craft rather than trying to do 3D where we didn’t need to.

23 November 2012 / / Blog

What an honour to see myself near the great Glen Keane, I could have never imagined an interview about animation would end up being this documentary with him and some of the most influential people around.

16 August 2012 / / Blog
16 August 2012 / / Blog

After almost 10 wonderful years at The Mill I have decided to move to a diferent environment where to keep growing as an artist and I have joined Realise Studio.

12 August 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

I had the opportunity to work on this new installation of Heineken for the renowned director Matthijs van Heijningen with none other than Daniel Craig, pretty crazy stuff.

08 August 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful adventure in the world of Muller, now let’s throw everything we have at it and make it bigger, better and as crazy as we can. Now how to do this??

12 June 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

When I was given the opportunity to direct another animation job I was so excited, specially Sunlight that was a very nice realistic looking job with live action.