22 September 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

Another creative take exploiting the new possibilities of crowd controls with Massive to fill up an stadium and bring a very human story to life.

12 September 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A tale of beauty we had the luck to work for where dancing crowds move as a cellular system depicting how AIDS could move and how the knowledge is also moving.

6 June 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A bizarre adventure for one of the best directors of a girl in a stimulating world for Three where we faced a lot of invisible effects in order to give the project the scale it needed, from background enhancements to full city recontructions to building substitutions it was a real pleasure to do this job.

18 April 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert
17 March 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert
10 January 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A fantastically bizarre and psychodelic set of two commercials that put our animation capabilities to work in new and strange ways, later this sparked a whole line of projects for Hutchinson 3 due to the huge success of this two.

11 August 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

Before Mountain was on TV suddenly another commercial required the use of crowds and again after the huge success on Mountain I dediced to get another spin on Massive and make a much more advanced social behavior based on real observations on the field.

12 July 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert
3 May 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful project to work for, three commercials feautiring millions of leaves and trees. The challenge this time to build a world where these amazing actors could live in.

1 January 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A huge commercial in every single sense and a clear showcase of technology to the service of a great idea. Probably this is one of the most radical commercials, not only in the idea but in the making as after Radiohead’s project I decided it was the perfect ground to put Massive technology in motion so after some tests the director moved on to shoot this project.