Phillips Led

An interesting take on the journey of light, we did hopefully make our shots totally invisible.

I will try not to reveal too much but of course the approach was this time more methodical than ever on how our assets were created and later used.

More and more I have arrived to a place in which I am trying to change how we light things and this project was the very first one in which things were done properly, or course now looking back I realise there was much more to do but the seed was there.


Specially interesting is the fact that we really did try to build everything for real, it was only the very impossible shots the ones that required our help.


As you can imagine cabling was a huge issue and some of these extensions were designed to unclutter the stree rather than for the sake of not putting lamps.


In a way the question really was to keep the true lamp signature and for this we relied on IES profiles of these lamps so we were as close to the real thing as we could and avoid any artistic interpretation other than the director.


When it came the time to turn on lights we did pay attention to the real process these lamps go through so they ignited the same way maintaining consistency with the real world.


And during the process we managed to validate the new physically correct approach really paid of as we didn’t fake anything regarding the light and shadows these produced.


For the final shot our artists built in Softimage ICE a sophisticated setup that would permit us to animate the textures in After effects and then plug these to ICE to turn on and off the lights while keeping these lamps signature.



Task: Lead Artist

Jordi Bares Written by:

Jordi Bares is a Creative Director/VFX Supervisor working for Framestore on some amazing projects.