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07 July 2018 / / Portfolio / Advert
28 May 2009 / / Portfolio / Advert

A great experience on creative design for a great brand where we were trying to develop a different style of visuals, more dramatic, more intense, very like a comic book.

04 May 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

I can say this project was great fun, watching the edit evolve and seeing it alive was a great opportunity and felt very lucky to be part of it, Probably the best bit is the fact that the effects were there to drive the commercial and immerse you in the game which is the ultimate goal of it so if there is a key role to fit is this one creating the stadiums and populating them with crowds.

11 March 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

A fun project done in Los Angeles office for JCPeeney where choreography was the name of the game, maintaining the crowd still yet alive and being able to pass people from hand to hand. Very interesting technical exercise for beautiful and playful commercial.

14 January 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

Probably the project from hell for every single CG artist, cloth, motion capture, facial scanning, skin, famous and recognizable characters, grass, effects to stop a train, crowds of impossible scale, crazy mechanical legs attached to humans, one single full game with 22 players plus extras and to make it worse, one single camera move set in the future.

22 September 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

Another creative take exploiting the new possibilities of crowd controls with Massive to fill up an stadium and bring a very human story to life.

11 August 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

Before Mountain was on TV suddenly another commercial required the use of crowds and again after the huge success on Mountain I dediced to get another spin on Massive and make a much more advanced social behavior based on real observations on the field.

12 July 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert
01 January 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A huge commercial in every single sense and a clear showcase of technology to the service of a great idea. Probably this is one of the most radical commercials, not only in the idea but in the making as after Radiohead’s project I decided it was the perfect ground to put Massive technology in motion so after some tests the director moved on to shoot this project.