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10 March 2019 / / Portfolio / Advert
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9 August 2016 / / Portfolio / Advert

What a wonderful experience to work again with Sonny London and MJZ LA on the latest H&M project featuring David Beckham and Kevin Hart on a journey to Vegas, full of accidents and laughs.

12 June 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

When I was given the opportunity to direct another animation job I was so excited, specially Sunlight that was a very nice realistic looking job with live action.

19 July 2011 / / Portfolio / Advert

This is one of those jobs that pushes our technical tricks to the limit, from the shoot itself that required lots of time and effort to the actual paper carving and of course, paper landing in a natural way but directable and for this we used every single tool under the sky, from XSI to Maya to Houdini, from Zbrush to… anyway… almost all of them.

14 January 2009 / / Portfolio / Advert

An amazing challenge where technology was put in place where it really helped, a tremendous shoot with brilliant moments… Not only we needed to understand the moments where we were shooting given the liquid nitrogen used only worked under certain temperatures and humidity conditions.

2 January 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

By far the most complex animation job we have done and would ever do, changing from rig to rig as the character morphs from one object to another and legs come head, head comes arms body splits all in a very controlled way fitting the music to the frame.

14 November 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A refreshingly moody fully CG job that turned out to be one of th emost fun to work for. Tons of fluid dynamics to move particles so the environment feels full of fluid.

3 September 2001 / / Portfolio / TV
A fun project and a good opportunity to experiment with many ideas about character animation in a long term fashion. Also exciting to test the water with Maya although I must say apart from the animation tools I didn’t really get the easiness and direct approach to work that XSI did gave me. I truly had a lot of fun doing it and enjoyed meeting so many great people while working there.