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There are few projects where a director’s vision is so radical, creative and demands such a technical effort as to challenge every single artist to the limit.

12 August 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

I had the opportunity to work on this new installation of Heineken for the renowned director Matthijs van Heijningen with none other than Daniel Craig, pretty crazy stuff.

08 August 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful adventure in the world of Muller, now let’s throw everything we have at it and make it bigger, better and as crazy as we can. Now how to do this??

12 June 2012 / / Portfolio / Advert

When I was given the opportunity to direct another animation job I was so excited, specially Sunlight that was a very nice realistic looking job with live action.

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A great opportunity to put my latest research in true motion, not only little tests but truly a new approach on our lighting pipeline that did permit us to produce such huge job in record time without suffering too much.

20 July 2011 / / Portfolio / Advert

My directorial debut and a wonderful experience where I feel a part of me lives. From the script, editing and planning to the production journey I have memories I will cherish forever.

19 July 2011 / / Portfolio / Advert

This is one of those jobs that pushes our technical tricks to the limit, from the shoot itself that required lots of time and effort to the actual paper carving and of course, paper landing in a natural way but directable and for this we used every single tool under the sky, from XSI to Maya to Houdini, from Zbrush to… anyway… almost all of them.

29 July 2010 / / Portfolio / Advert

A huge challenge with 13 commercials done, fur, hair, cloths, body skin simulation, facial animation and what not, all done during a period of 6 months and a big team of 16 people for Orangina.

05 November 2009 / / Portfolio / Advert

A majestic mega-project where all sorts of techniques were used to create the world, from floods to clouds, from forests to seas, from fish to grass, everything had quite a lot of postproduction.

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A great experience on creative design for a great brand where we were trying to develop a different style of visuals, more dramatic, more intense, very like a comic book.

08 May 2009 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful experience as a shoot supervisor for a character animation job shot in South Africa Johannesburg city in which weather conditions proved very complicated  plus a very complex shoot on the middle of a tough city.

04 May 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

I can say this project was great fun, watching the edit evolve and seeing it alive was a great opportunity and felt very lucky to be part of it, Probably the best bit is the fact that the effects were there to drive the commercial and immerse you in the game which is the ultimate goal of it so if there is a key role to fit is this one creating the stadiums and populating them with crowds.

11 March 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

A fun project done in Los Angeles office for JCPeeney where choreography was the name of the game, maintaining the crowd still yet alive and being able to pass people from hand to hand. Very interesting technical exercise for beautiful and playful commercial.

14 January 2008 / / Portfolio / Advert

Probably the project from hell for every single CG artist, cloth, motion capture, facial scanning, skin, famous and recognizable characters, grass, effects to stop a train, crowds of impossible scale, crazy mechanical legs attached to humans, one single full game with 22 players plus extras and to make it worse, one single camera move set in the future.

16 July 2007 / / Portfolio / Advert

A clearly gorgeous idea of looking to history of a legend like Jeep with the history of our modern world. Truly a pleasure to work on this project although I must confess it was very hard to deliver 12 cars in such extreme conditions recreating the look of each particular film.

15 March 2007 / / Portfolio / Advert

Probably the first one single take job i have done and loads of fun and creative challenges, from on set supervision to how to resolve different pack shots and various cut downs.

03 December 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

This is one of those really complex and exciting projects I have worked, and although it looks minimal work the fact is that it is just the opposite as everything is CG in this batch of 12 commercials.

02 October 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

The second release of a great project where a robot incarnation has been revamped from scratch. It was a huge task in the motion capture side of the project as the ice is very reflective surface and the amount of surface to cover was really big.

16 August 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

A really complex fully CG project that has been a refreshing opportunity to do a bit of character animation and put the visuals to the test trying not to copy anyone, but develop a different look for this kind of projects.

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06 March 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

A complex job in which we developed not only a visual style and language but a whole set of techniques and tools to achieve those abstract beautiful lines and color.

02 January 2006 / / Portfolio / Advert

By far the most complex animation job we have done and would ever do, changing from rig to rig as the character morphs from one object to another and legs come head, head comes arms body splits all in a very controlled way fitting the music to the frame.

14 November 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A refreshingly moody fully CG job that turned out to be one of th emost fun to work for. Tons of fluid dynamics to move particles so the environment feels full of fluid.

22 September 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

Another creative take exploiting the new possibilities of crowd controls with Massive to fill up an stadium and bring a very human story to life.

12 September 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A tale of beauty we had the luck to work for where dancing crowds move as a cellular system depicting how AIDS could move and how the knowledge is also moving.

06 June 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A bizarre adventure for one of the best directors of a girl in a stimulating world for Three where we faced a lot of invisible effects in order to give the project the scale it needed, from background enhancements to full city recontructions to building substitutions it was a real pleasure to do this job.

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10 January 2005 / / Portfolio / Advert

A fantastically bizarre and psychodelic set of two commercials that put our animation capabilities to work in new and strange ways, later this sparked a whole line of projects for Hutchinson 3 due to the huge success of this two.

11 August 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

Before Mountain was on TV suddenly another commercial required the use of crowds and again after the huge success on Mountain I dediced to get another spin on Massive and make a much more advanced social behavior based on real observations on the field.

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03 May 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful project to work for, three commercials feautiring millions of leaves and trees. The challenge this time to build a world where these amazing actors could live in.

01 January 2004 / / Portfolio / Advert

A huge commercial in every single sense and a clear showcase of technology to the service of a great idea. Probably this is one of the most radical commercials, not only in the idea but in the making as after Radiohead’s project I decided it was the perfect ground to put Massive technology in motion so after some tests the director moved on to shoot this project.

10 November 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A computer generated promo extravaganza where all our tools were used to their limits into a huge team of 23 people working flat for a couple of months. Rigid body simulations, cloth, crowds, motion capture, facial capture even special software was developed to build this animated polygons reduction.

18 August 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

Fantastic tale in a fantastic world inspired by HR Gigger. The train was built in a way it resembles this fantasy where a gorgeous woman goes for a ride.

18 July 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A wonderful concept made this my special baby as The Quest is a first timer for many of us, from the creation, shoot, character development. Everything was extremely carefully planned and the final product shows the amount of love we all put into it.

06 February 2003 / / Portfolio / Advert

A complex CG job, the kind of “obvious-yet-invisible” effects, in this case a mass of bisons in front of camera plus major city extensions.

11 March 2002 / / Portfolio / Advert

A humorous ad that put some fun into the beer’s battle, with many little things hidden this is one of those ads you will see a hundred times and something new will appear.

07 January 2002 / / Portfolio / TV

A hugely ambitious project developed by the new branch of MillTV with more than 80 CG shots of crowds and ancient architectural reconstruction.

22 June 2001 / / Portfolio / TV

A two part TV movie that ended up being really good fun to work, first because it was one of my heroes’ company (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) because I grew with all the puppets they had on the entrance, and second because the animation director did really pushed the envelope for all of us.