BBC Pyramids

A hugely ambitious project developed by the new branch of MillTV with more than 80 CG shots of crowds and ancient architectural reconstruction.


This project let me play with different tools and organization methods using the embedded web client inside XSI to manage the assets that later would build the actual shots. For this we relied on Adobe Golive and an assortment of scripts to make the content easily updated from within XSI.


I was in charge of the character animation for up to 8000 characters, mocap directing, tool development and although the challenge was scary it was very exciting to put a particular vision in motion.

Mosaic Mosaic

The final solution was later shown at Siggraph 2003.


Director: Jonathan Stamp

Client: BBC
Task: Lead Animator/Mocap Supervisor/Crowd TD

Jordi Bares Written by:

Jordi Bares is a Creative Director/VFX Supervisor working for Framestore on some amazing projects.